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We have in stock one tyre striking dummy, still in it's packaging from the Philippines, unused and not assembled. About 2M tall and capable of holding about 6 car tyres this could be a useful addition to your gym or training facilities.
I am open to offers but as this is quite heavy it is only suitable for shipping within the UK. Please contact us for further details, pic etc.

Scorpion design Palasans
We are now stocking the traditional scorpion design Palasans as well as our usual spiral design. Made from the same tough Palasan as our regular sticks and sold in pairs with the usual stick selection options.

Eskrima starter kit.
Two sticks and a bag for £24.00. See 'Special offers'.

32 inch kit.
Two 32 inch sticks and a 32 inch stickbag for £25.00 See 'Special Offers'

FMA Baseball caps
Now reduced to £5.00. See section entitled 'Badges, flags and clothing'.

32 inch Stick Bags
At last we can offer a stick bag to accomodate 2 x 32 inch sticks.
The price is the same as for the existing 28 inch bag.

28 inch Thin/light Palasans.
A new size and weight of stick for us. Around 15mm diameter and weighing in at only 75-100gr these are a great lightweight sparring stick. Available as matched pairs.

Stick Selection options

For many years customers have been contacting us with their requirements and we do our best to meet the description they provide. Unfortunately it will never be the same as picking your own stick out by hand yourself, but we would like to try and do the next best thing by picking the right stick for you if we can via the website.

Stick options are categorised into:

Diameter = Medium/Thin/Thick (medium approx 7/8 inch / 22mm)
Weight = Average/Light/Heavy
. (average approx 160gr/170gr)

You may select as required by using the drop down options on the appropriate item on the website.

Where sticks are supplied as pairs we will match both the weight and the diameter as closely as possible. The weight of the stick will be indicated in grammes.

We are now supplying a high grade Palasan stick made by a Grand Master in the Philippines who uses the traditional methods of treating the rattan before finishing them. These are the best quality general purpose rattan sticks on the market shipped in to the UK only by Eskrimador Supplies.


Please ensure if you are a non UK customer that you e-mail us for international post and packing rates before ordering any products. All our products are listed with UK ONLY post and packing Rates.


Please note our mailorder/returns address for all orders, returns and correspondence:

BOX 0540