About Us

Before 2000 the quality and standard of products available for FMA enthusiasts was extremely limited, the majority of outlets supplied low-grade products at high-end prices. For instance getting hold of basic rattan training sticks was not only difficult but could also be very costly with the average price for an item such as our very own 'Palasan' escrima stick ranging from any price between £8.50 to £12.00 per stick plus postage and many of the products available up until this point were produced with very low grade materials from outside the Philippines, this made training in the Filipino martial arts an expensive hobby. So the time had come to help fellow practitioners to gain access to the best equipment possible at prices they could afford to train with.

Up until 2000, Lucy and Pat O'Malley who themselves are recognised as leading instructors of the Filipino martial arts and winners of numerous full contact kali-eskrima-arnis british, european and world titles as well as being members of the Philippine Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Masters and co-founders of the British Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors, had only been supplying personal friends and students with the best products they could source direct from the Philippines, with help and advice from many Masters and Grand Masters in the Philippines who they have close contact with from numerous styles, their reputation grew quickly for obtaining top quality products. Lucy O'Malley (Company Owner) soon realised there was a higher demand for authentic training equipment from the Philippines and as she was gaining more and more requests from shop owners, clubs and the general public for eskrima kali arnis (escrima) training equipment she decided at this point to set up a separate company which saw the launch of 'Eskrimador Supplies' in 2000.

Master Pat O'Malley's time was consumed more so with running their Filipino martial arts organisation 'Rapid Arnis International' and the various councils of kali eskrima arnis instructors around the world. Although he still helps out on occasions by utilising his 25 plus years of experience in the Filipino martial arts, testing any new products that become available and frequently helps to source top quality products during their regular training trips to the Philippines.

Once 'Eskrimador Supplies' was set up there was great delight from many of their friends in the ever growing martial arts retail industry who owned their own retail outlets and martial arts centres because they now knew they could rely on 'Eskrimador Supplies' to gain them access to top quality products at prices their customers could afford to train with. They knew full well that Lucy O'Malley had a simple philosophy of "If we do not use it, we will not sell it to you" and because both the O'Malley's are held in high regard by many of the Masters and Grand Masters, they knew they would also be a trustworthy and reliable source for the authentic equipment that has been used for century's by the Masters and their students in the Philippines, as well as producing their own top quality products based on their own personal experiences in the Filipino martial arts.

Since 2000 'Eskrimador Supplies' has set the standard and helped to improve the quality of products available on the market today and with that they have also been responsible for vastly reducing the prices of a whole range of products available to the FMA practitioner and have become the largest wholesaler and retailer in Europe to date. The quality of service the company provides is second to none, all the products are professionally packaged and presented and they are of the highest quality available and 'Eskrimador Supplies' are constantly improving the quality of products and adding them to their already vast range.

For instance, with the rattan sticks. The most common types produced in the Philippines are made from either the 'Oway' or 'Tumalin' rattan, although a generally good grade rattan, it's main use is for the manufacture of furniture hence it is in more abundance and was never meant for anything else, the 'Eskrimador Supplies' rattan sticks however are hand crafted by the Masters themselves from the fighter grade 'Palasan' Rattan which is the type more favoured for training by the Masters themselves.

The vast majority of Bahi sticks available even today through other outlets are produced from the common Coconut Palm which is used commonly in the construction industry in the Philippines where as 'Eskrimador Supplies' only sell the 'Anahaw Palm' Bahi wood for their sticks which is much denser and of a higher quality, this is the Bahi that the Masters themselves insist on having and our Bahi sticks are personally hand crafted by a Grand Master in the Philippines.

Kamagong again is supplied on the general market and is usually of either a very low grade where the lumber is too young and light and illegally forested or on many occasions the Kamagong you see is actually Molave or another hard wood that has been colour dyed to look like Kamagong. 'Eskrimador Supplies' only supplies the highest quality aged Kamagong that is legally sourced and again hand crafted by a Grand Master in the Philippines.

Although 'Eskrimador Supplies' does it's best to keep the price of all of it's products in the ever increasing range to a minimum, they refuse to substitute quality over price, so you can rest assured that the products you receive are only of the best quality they can lay their hands on hence the slogan "supplying quality Filipino martial arts training equipment at prices you can afford to train with".

'Eskrimador Supplies' not only supplies top quality Filipino martial arts equipment at prices you can afford to train with, they have also become a good source of information with regards to advice not only on their products and their uses, but also on helping people find authentic clubs and instructors when ever they can. They are also sponsors and promoters of numerous FMA events all year round for all authentic styles, offering a good service to the FMA community as a whole. For example, Lucy O'Malley is not only the chairperson and one of the co-founder's of the BCKEAI, but her company 'Eskrimador Supplies' is also the official sponsor for the 'British Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors' and together they have sponsored numerous FMA events over the years and raised some much needed funds for worthy charities in the Philippines, as well as personally sponsoring children in the Philippines to go to school throughout the year and encouraging them to maintain school grades whilst also training in the Filipino martial arts, a quality service very few other companies can attest to giving the FMA community as a whole.

More recently 'Eskrimador Supplies' has began to produce training DVDs for the FMA enthusiast via it's sister company 'Extremely Sharp Productions'. 'ESP' as it is fondly known is now starting to produce some of the best quality FMA training DVDs on the market today with it's first title being Rapid Arnis 'The Fundamentals' which has already received raving reviews for it's quality and quantity of information on one 62 minute training DVD. There is also three more titles that have been filmed with Masters in the Philippines which are still in the production stages which have already gained high interest from around the world. Soon to be released are San Miguel Eskrima by Grand Master Kano Canete, Nickelstick Balintawak by Grand Master Nick Elizar and Eskrido by Master Joe Borces, all highly respected Masters of the FMA in the Philippines.

So really it is no surprise to see that since 2000 when 'Eskrimador Supplies' was born out of a desire to help friends and students in England to find the best quality training equipment at prices they can afford to train with, that they have now become the largest Filipino martial arts supply company in Europe supplying clubs, shops and practitioners around the world and they are still growing. When it comes to supplying top quality Filipino martial arts training equipment this is why other companies look to 'Eskrimador Supplies',which has been leading the way in FMA since 2000.