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Leading the way in FMA since 2000
Welcome to 'Eskrimador Supplies' the Eskrima Kali Arnis / Escrima equipment company that is run and owned by leading exponents of the Filipino martial arts.

We specialise in supplying high quality Filipino martial arts training equipment at prices you can afford to train with.

Eskrimador Supplies has a simple policy. "If we do not use it, we will not sell it to you".

We import into the UK directly from the manufacturers in the Philippines and our training equipment is used by many top eskrimadors and masters, national, international and world champions from around the world including the Philippines.

We also supply training equipment to many top styles, groups, organisations and stores around the world. So if you are an instructor, club or shop please contact us for further details.


Please e-mail us for international post and pack rates before ordering. We will then send you an invoice showing the correct postal charge.